18 Nov 2016

Titans Are Coming – Elithen

For hundreds of years, the ancient Elithen Empire stood above all others. While the Empire remains a powerful force today, it is not what it once was. Years of comfort and decadence have taken their toll, allowing the Human and Unak realms to expand.

Traditionally, the Elithen Empire has been ruled over by an Emperor, who appointed a Warlord to oversee all military matters. Although this system has been in place for generations, the current decline of the Elithen Empire has created a gulf between the two rulers. The Emperor, Setaros, sees a future for his people only through co-operation with the other races; the Warlord, Thenia, meanwhile, wishes to expand the Elithen’s military might, and bring about a renaissance of the Empire’s fortunes – a process she believes can only happen by taking the title of Emperor for herself.