23 Nov 2016

Titans Are Coming – Unak

The Unak Empire, like that of the Elithen, has existed for many generations. Its longevity is due to the harsh and unforgiving Unak society that groups individuals into strict castes. At the top is the despotic Pharaoh, who controls all of the Unak lands. Below him are the ruling class, then the warriors, the merchants, the laborers, and finally, the slaves.

No Unak can move outside the caste of his or her birth, though there is an ongoing struggle for power and prestige within each caste as Unak try to gain an advantage over their rivals. While there have been many attempts to overthrow this unjust system by force, all of them have been quickly and mercilessly crushed.

The return of the Titans has given the current Pharaoh, Nekrat, a weapon with which to wipe out the most recent group of rebels, though they have proven surprisingly adept at avoiding his forces.