28 Nov 2016

Titans Are Coming – Mossmane

Central to Mossmane society is the belief in their origin in and connection to the land. Mossmane shun the built-up settlements of other races, living instead as scattered tribes who come together to debate matters of diplomacy, trade, and war.

The great ‘Deadwood’ trees – so named by Humans because of their slow growth and petrified appearance – form the heart of the forests that the Mossmane call home. The wood of these trees is dense yet flexible, and is used extensively in Mossmane weapons and armor. Although the Mossmane are capable traders, Deadwood itself is never for sale, and as such is highly valued by the other races.

Raids on Mossmane lands are common, particularly from Human and Unak generals who, seeking to seize the Deadwood for themselves, see the Mossmane as an easy target – a mistake they usually pay for with their lives.