30 Nov 2016

Titans Are Coming – Human

Humans live in fragmented feudal societies who occasionally band together into alliances for protection, or for military and financial gain. They have no traditional enemies, but are fiercely protective of their own lands and people.

A society of opportunists, Humans are frequently found serving as mercenaries in the armies of other races, and are valued as dependable and well-trained troops. While some Human rulers are content just to safeguard their own lands, others have a thirst for conquest, and as such, Human forces can be found fighting for both glory and riches all across the world.

Being a rather disparate group, Humans lack the strong traditions of the other races, and are found in a variety of different social groups, from feudal kingdoms, to cooperative alliances, to secretive arcane sects. Of late, word has circulated of an alliance of powerful human generals known as the Cabal, who it is claimed strike from the shadows, and command magic that can raise the dead to fight in their armies. Such rumors are unfounded, but with the return of the Titans, anything is possible.