05 Dec 2016

Titans Are Coming – Ragnar

The Ragnar live in independent tribal groups, yet the inhospitable nature of the mountainous regions they inhabit, as well as the fierce and obstinate nature of the Ragnar themselves, make their lands unappetising prospects for conquest.

Most of the conflict that Ragnar experience is within their own society. All Ragnar tribes hold longstanding grudges and feuds with one another, and these frequently boil over into anything from a small raid, to all-out war. Such is the nature of this animosity that Ragnar will often ally with an invading army from another race if it means the downfall of one of their tribal enemies. On occasion, however, the Ragnar will rally together under one who has the strength to unite the warring tribes, and when that happens, they are truly a terrifying force.

Such a figure has recently emerged in the form of a Ragnar chieftain known as Ulgan, who calls for the Ragnar to band together and wage war upon other lands. His strength and fervor has attracted a large following, though there are those who claim there is a hidden and sinister force behind his rise to power.