07 Mar 2017

Dawn of Titans Update – Relic Forging!

We wanted to tell you all about a big change we’re making to Relics! In the latest update (1.14.4)  you’ll no longer need to repair your combat and economy relics! Instead you can make them more badass! You will notice a new button in the game called ‘Forge’– here you can level up Relics. Yes, that’s right, level up Relics!

Now, not only do you not have to worry about repairs, but chances of improving your Relic are now much higher as well. So the more you forge, the better relics you will have. Please note that because relics are now permanent we’ve reduced the stats of economy relics so that the game remains balanced.

There will be no change to event relics so when they go down to 0, they become unusable – this makes the events more competitive and hopefully, more of a challenge for you!

Let us know what you think to the changes, your feedback is really important to us and has a massive impact of the direction of the game. Some of you may already have the new update, and it will be rolled out to everyone later this week.


The Dawn of Titans team