11 May 2017

The Trials of Power event is live! Can you survive the hordes?

Many years have gone by… Many wars have been fought… and many battles have made their mark on the realm. There have been many victors and there were those who were vanquished. Now, a new challenge has awoken… A land, a land that has not been seen since the Almarand’s first rise to prominence, has now emerged.

Titans would come from far and wide to fight on this very land, to show their true worth! To show their true power! To show everyone, that they are the ultimate victor.

Those Titans who had fought bravely and who won their heroic battles, would have fantastic rewards bestowed upon them.

But now, the time for battle, is bestowed upon you!

Urakor, the Fire King, has challenged everyone across the realm… Do you have what it takes to take on the Trials of Power?

Battle it out against wave after wave of Troops and Titans for ultimate prizes! But only one player can win the top prize – A level 50, BRAND NEW TITAN! The fire king himself, the 4* Unak, URAKOR!

You have just 10 minutes to defeat as many waves as you can and to score as many points as you can. Be the best and make it on our leaderboard to win prizes including gems, Elixirs and Titans!

The event costs 6 Portal Stones to play. You can win prizes by accumulating points and points are awarded for defeating enemies. You will be awarded a prize depending on your best score at the end of the event. So get your battle strategy ready!

The event will be live from 11th May until 15th May so make sure you don’t miss out! Get ready to train your troops and prepare for the challenge of a lifetime as the Trials of Power now awaits you!