14 Jun 2017

Lands Awakening. A New Way to Play!

We’ve listened to your feedback about Lands, and because of the many great suggestions we received, we will be introducing new mechanics that will make Lands an exciting part of Dawn of Titans!

All of the changes below will take affect a few days after the 1.16 release – coming soon!

Lands: Awaken!

Food, Gold and VP generation rates on Lands have been greatly increased

  • Generation rates will depend on the power of your Defense. Stronger Defensive Armies will not only help to fend off attackers, but also increase the speed at which Lands generate resources.


Lands have a finite amount of resources and when fully depleted, will provide an additional reward

  • Land wars will have larger stakes and provide more benefits.


Rewards from Neutral Lands rewards increased

  • Neutral Lands can only be Captured. They have increased Resource rewards and Relic drops at a lowered Portal Stone cost. Neutral Lands will be a great source of reward on a daily basis.


Land levels spawn at your Castle Level. Additionally, level 24 and 25 Lands can now spawn for Castle level 24 and 25 players

  • Lands no longer need to be upgraded and always spawn at your Castle Level.


Lands Raids no longer steal from the Defender’s Reserves

  • Uncollected resources can be stolen from an enemies’ Lands. A portion of the Land’s unmined resources can also be stolen. Resources however cannot be stolen from the Storages through Land Raids. Owning Lands will never be a liability.


The Bravery penalty for VP is removed

  • The Bravery penalty was put in place to prevent bullying, however, VP represents power and should not be regulated by this. Having higher level Lands will always mean a greater advantage.


Auto-loadout for attack and defense

  • When attacking or defending, your latest set-up will be automatically populated. This should get you into the battles faster.


Garrison defenses will now be hidden

  • Types of Troops and Spells will now be hidden on initial inspection of Garrisons (Castle Lands). This will create opportunities to plan unique strategies on Defense to surprise your enemies.


Shield times are rebalanced

  • Land auto-shields after Raids have increased to 2 hours. This will prevent Lands from being repeatedly Raided while you’re away.
  • Castle auto-shields after Raids have decreased to 6 hours. This will discourage turtling tactics and reward more active battling.


A Land’s permanent Defenders will match the level of the Land

  • This is an increase in power for Defenses. This will make higher level Lands tougher to defeat.


Titan Skills!

Titan Skill slots are revealed before they are unlocked for new Titans (Only for Titans acquired post 1.16)

  • We know that Titan skill slot unlocks have been a big frustration for some of you. We wanted to alleviate a big part of this by revealing the Titan’s skills to you before you decide to spend resources into unlocking them.


Increased Inventory!

Because Troop power were not accurately displayed before, we are adjusting this again to better reflect current values

  • Because a Lands resource generation greatly depends on its Defensive Power, we’re increasing the power value for Troops and making Power values more distinct between units.


Army Camp Troop inventory increased

  • The Army Camp will hold more Troops that can be used to defend more Lands at all levels.


Spell Forge Spell inventory increased

  • Spell Forges will hold more Spells that can be used to defend more Lands at all levels.