11 Jul 2017

Fire & Ice Event – Part Two!

It’s time for Round Two! Prepare for the next instalment of the Trial of FIRE and ICE!

Raging fires and frigid winds are sweeping across the land once more. Battle-lines have been drawn and legendary Titans, FLAMEHIDE & SNOWGORE are at war. Fight on the side of either ICE or FIRE to claim victory!

Upon logging in you’ll be placed to fight on the side of legendary Boar Titans, Snowgore or Flamehide! If you took part in the last Trial, this time you’ll be on the opposing side.

Fight in the Firestorm or Snowstorm Leaderboard events to earn exclusive prizes, including the legendary boar titans themselves!

Use Fire and Ice Titans to boost your souls earned in battle!

And, have no fear, all scores from either the Firestorm or Snowstorm Leaderboard events are added to your overall alliance score and you’re still fighting together for the same goal. Be prepared for something extra special for the top 5 alliances!

Event runs July 12th to July 17th!