12 Sep 2017

Dawn of Titans Update – Improvements incoming!

It’s official! We’ve started rolling out the latest update (1.18) to Dawn of Titans, which introduces gameplay changes and bug fixes. You’ll be able to see the update soon (if not already!), on the App Store and Google Play Store.

What’s new in this update:

  1. Capturing Neutral Lands:
  • We’ve removed the battle requirement for capturing neutral Lands. Players can now instantly capture neutral lands by spending Portal Stones. This change does not impact Lands owned by other players.


  1. Daily Quest Improvements:
  • You will now get an in-game tool tip whenever your Daily Quests have refreshed
  • Clicking the navigation button for each Daily Quest will take you to the relevant quest location


  1. Reinforcements Auto-populate:
  • When preparing for battle, the Reinforcements tab will remember your last selection and auto-populate


  1. Spoils of war expire
  • Any uncollected spoils in your treasure room will expire after 48 hours. Be sure to clear your treasure room often!


  1. Bug Fixes and Tweaks

Please feel free to reach out to us with your feedback through our social channels and in-game support.

See you on the battlefield!

The Dawn of Titans Team