21 Sep 2017

Get ready for a new event type… and SNOW!

A new event type is coming to Dawn of Titans this week – The Individual Challenge! This event will  test your skill and prowess on the battlefield. Similar to our regular leaderboard events, the Individual Challenge requires you to collect Souls by defeating enemies in battle.

As well as collecting the required Souls needed to earn rewards such as Gems, Relics, Tokens and exclusive Titans, you can also fight for a top-place finish on the leaderboard which takes into account personal Souls collected, and not the Alliance total.

The first such Individual Challenge is the AVALANCHE event, with exclusive 4* Elithen Berserker, CROTHOS up for grabs, along with other great rewards. Remember to update to the latest version of the game to access the event.

With this event, winter makes it mark in the world – log into the game for an icy immersive experience!

We’re always looking at ways to improve our events, and your feedback is valuable to us. Do send us your suggestions, comments and feedback through in-game support on our social channels:


Apart from improving events, we’re busy working on our upcoming game update. With this update, we’ll be introducing login bonuses to reward our most engaged players, as well as improving combat experience with improvements to garrison battles and troop power scaling.

Look out for more details on the next game update coming soon.

See you on the battlefield!

The Dawn of Titans Team