17 Nov 2017

Titan Talk: Mini Accounts, Hacks & Scams

Greeting Titans!

Hey folks, this is Korey, Executive Producer on Dawn of Titans. We want to give you more regular information from the development team and I’m hoping this will be the first of many messages directly from the team. While we haven’t been communicating nearly as much as we would like, please know that we read your Facebook comments, your reddit posts, and more.

One thing we want to nurture and evolve with Dawn of Titans is a healthy community. We want DoT to be a place where you can compete against others, work with Alliance members, and enjoy the contest. However, we are aware of some issues that are damaging to this, so let’s address a few of them.

First off is a practice in the that some call “mini-blocking”.  The main frustration is that when you have been attacked and immediately go to enact swift retribution, you find the offending player is already under attack, keeping you from retaliating. In some cases, this is because a player has a second account that they use purely for attacking their main account, keeping the city busy until they can shield it, protecting themselves safe from payback.

While shielding after an attack is strategic behavior, the technique being deployed allows a player to reliably prevent attacks whilst they themselves are attacking. This is often followed by shielding their own castle nearly instantaneously, defeating any revenge attempt. This is a frustrating experience and is certainly against the gameplay we intended, where you settle your differences on the battlefield.

We are considering more ways to make this play style less attractive. For example, the balancing changes we rolled out recently make castles harder to attack successfully and make your troops matter more. This will make “easy” castle hits much more rare. We are considering more changes coming up to make this mini-blocking ineffective, and we will be monitoring player behaviour to ensure good faith gameplay.

Next up, we want to warn players of a few bad actors in the ecosystem. There are some email scams and gem selling rackets that people should avoid.  First off let’s address the gem sellers.  The standard practice for these people is that a player will be contacted through Line chat or Facebook with an offer to sell them gems for a big discount.  The seller will assert they know several prominent players and allege that these players all use these gem hacks to get where they are. The seller will ask for access to log into your account to give you these gems.

Sadly, some people are falling for this, sending over their money, and either losing control of their account, or even if the sale goes though, they are getting caught in our anti-cheating measures.


Gem based bans


Please be aware that gem hacking is going to be caught and the account that uses gem hacking will be banned. We are also going after the people trying to profit from this, but since this is legal processes it takes time.

Lastly, we’ve been made aware of some scams involving email contact by people professing to be from the Dawn of Titans team. Specifically some names and email addresses being used are:

David Cleary
[email protected]

Dawn Titans
[email protected]

These are not email addresses associated with Dawn of Titans, the people do not exist in this organization, and are up to no good. Please do not share any personal information through email.  Use the in-game help system to contact our support. Any contact that is not initiated through our in-game support channel should be viewed as highly suspicious.

Thanks for coming with us as we evolve Dawn of Titans to be a place to compete fiercely but fairly. We met recently with some valued players here in London, and are working on more outreach to the rest of the community to ensure we hear everyone’s feedback and can engage with you all to make this game everything you want it to be.

Until next time, see you on the battlefield!