30 Nov 2017

The Throne War – How It Works

Last week we shared the first glimpse of the upcoming Throne War update, and today we’re excited to give some more information on what it is and how it will work.

The War between the five Ancient Gods raged on for thousands of years. God against God, wreaking havoc upon our realm, these beings were powerful and their essence had to be captured. Finally banished, their power was sealed within the Divine Thrones.

The power of the Ancient Gods has returned. The Divine Thrones are rising. Seize them, and that power shall be your own. The Throne War is coming. Band together and rise above your rivals to obtain the most powerful Titans or Relics ever seen. Find out all you need to know to crush your rivals below:

You can compete in the first season of The Throne War if you have reached Master or Legend league. If you are in a lower league, don’t stop reading just now – there is still time left until the event starts, so raise your armies and fight your way to the top.

You will go to war in a world where the Thrones of Life, Justice, War, Wealth and Death have risen up. Compete against rival alliances to earn the most Crowns, and be named Divine Ruler.

Crowns can be earned in three ways:

CONTEND: 100 Crowns:
Use one or more of your Lands to contend a Throne. They will be converted into Divine Lands, and added to your Alliances Totem on the Throne of your choice.

ATTACK: 10 Crowns
Attack an enemy’s Divine Land at one of the Thrones.

CONTROL: Up to 1000 Crowns
Gain control of a Throne as an Alliance by contending it with the most Divine Lands. Every 10 minutes, you’ll gain up to 1000 Crowns for controlling one of the Thrones.

To contend a Throne, you will send a land to that Throne. First you need to assign a defence to your land. The stronger the defence, the more resilient the Divine Land. Once you have sent a land to a Throne, it will be removed from your collection of lands along with the army and Titan you stationed on it. Once it is destroyed, your Titan is returned.

Coordination in your alliance is needed in order to stay dominant and control a Throne. By attacking and destroying enemy’s Divine Lands, you can prevent them from gaining control over a Throne. Strategize with your alliance about which Throne is worth defending or rallying for – all Thrones reward the same amount of Crowns, so you need to base this decision upon your enemy’s relative might or weakness.

Powerful rewards are on the line for you, especially for the winning alliance leader, who will become the Divine Ruler.

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