07 Dec 2017

Anchoring Coming Soon

Greetings Titans,

In the coming Throne War update, we’ll be introducing a much requested mechanic: anchoring!

This feature anchors a land to you, allowing you to keep the land from being captured. To anchor a land, simply select the land you’d like to protect and choose the ‘Anchor’ option as highlighted in the screenshot below.


Whilst there is a build time associated with anchoring, it takes effect immediately, thwarting other players from capturing your land. Keep in mind, an anchored land can still be raided, so your defending army is still important!

This new feature will be invaluable in the Throne War, but will be a permanent addition to the regular league game.

In addition to anchoring, we’re also introducing an important change to the way lands are handled when moving to an Alliance in a higher league than you’re currently in. Players who wish to move from their existing Alliance to a higher League Alliance won’t be able to carry over their Lands. This change is to promote fair play, not just for the Throne Wars, but Seasonal League play as well.

See you on the battlefield!