12 Jan 2018

Recent VP exploit

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re all enjoying 2018 so far! We’re really excited about the things we have in store for the year ahead, and can’t wait to share more information on what we have planned with you.

Today though we wanted to talk about an exploit we’ve been tracking recently, where a small number of players have been earning VP at an accelerated rate. We know this has caused concern among many of you and we understand why.

We’ve been closely monitoring the use of this particular exploit while working on a solution, and would like to thank each and every player who’s taken time to get in touch to let us know about it. Soon, we will be taking the appropriate action against those who continue to exploit.

Fairness is absolutely crucial in Dawn of Titans, and ensuring everyone is on a level playing field is something we take very seriously. If you ever come across a bug or exploit, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let us know.

Thanks, and see you all on the battlefield!