19 Jan 2018

VP Exploit Follow Up

Hi everyone,

Last week we posted a blog where we wrote about a vp-gain exploit we’ve been tracking. The reaction from you, the community, has been really positive. It’s clear that this is an issue many of you feel strongly about, and quite rightly so.

Since the blog went live we’ve sent in-game notifications to the worst offenders, making it very clear that if they continue to exploit then action will be taken against their accounts. As expected, 90% of players who received this warning stopped immediately.

From here, we’ll continue to track this exploit, and we’ll be taking the appropriate action against those players who continue despite being warned. Similarly, we’ll be monitoring its use of this among the wider community and will continue to send warnings, and where necessary take action against players we believe are deliberately exploiting.

We’re working on a global fix for this exploit at the moment, and will be rolling it out as soon as we can. Thanks for all your reports on this issue, we really appreciate your support!