07 Mar 2018

Gods Awaken | 24 Hour Live Stream!

Join us at 3:30PM GMT today for this week’s Dawn of Titans Live Stream, where we’ll be celebrating the launch of Thor in the Hero of Asgard event!

If that’s not quite enough live streaming action for you, then you’ll be pleased to hear some of the awesome DoT YouTube community will be kicking off a 24 hour live stream straight after!

Use #Dot24Live to discuss the live streams, and see below for a full schedule of who to tune in to, and when:

3:30PM GMT | 07:30AM PT | 10:30AM ET – Official DoT Live Stream

4:30PM GMT | 08:30AM PT | 11:30AM ET – Bo Ganora

6:30PM GMT | 10:30AM PT | 1:30PM ET – ZALONisap

8:30PM GMT | 12:30PM PT | 3:30PM ET – Gaming JAEGER

10:30PM GMT | 2:30PM PT | 5:30PM ET – Godan

12:30AM GMT | 4:30PM PT | 7:30PM ET – Xadegamer

2:30AM GMT | 6:30PM PT | 9:30PM ET – JasonJerome

4:30AM GMT | 8:30PM PT | 11:30PM ET – ZALONisap

6:30AM GMT | 10:30PM PT | 1:30AM ET – Godan

7:30AM GMT | 11:30PM PT | 2:30AM ET – SerGeonLive

8:30AM GMT | 12:30PM PT | 3:30AM ET – Luetenant Lu

10:30AM GMT | 2:30AM PT | 5:30AM ET – Gaming JAEGER

12:30AM GMT | 4:30AM PT | 7:30AM ET – Bo Ganora

1:30PM GMT | 5:30AM PT | 8:30AM ET – SerGeonLive

2:30PM GMT | 6:30AM PT | 9:30AM ET – SouljiahXD

4:30PM GMT | 8:30AM PT | 11:30AM ET – END

Don’t forget to subscribe to your favorite YouTubers to make sure you don’t miss out on future DoT videos from them!

See you on the battlefield.