23 Apr 2018

Update 1.21 Live Now

Greetings Titans!

This month we’ve been carefully rolling out our latest update (1.21) to players. We’re pleased to say this patch is now available to 100% of players, and as such you’ll be able to download and play it now.

This update introduces relic favouriting, as well as confirmation pop-ups when purchasing from the Temple.

In addition to these changes, we’ve made some first steps to improve the way Titan Skills work, as we know this is an area of the game many of you have given feedback on.

Titan skills are an essential part of constructing the best army, and although random, we want all skills to be useful. Unfortunately at the moment some skills just aren’t as useful as they should be, particularly when you receive duplicates of certain skills on a Titan. We want to address that.

Elemental resist is a very powerful defensive effect when facing the right Race, however having Tiers I, II and III of an element renders the Tier III useless. We are therefore removing Tier III elemental resist, to ensure only two tiers of Elemental Resist will appear on a Titan. This change is live in 1.21.

Armour is another stat we’re looking at for similar reasons. However, unlike elemental resist, Armour has a direct counter-stat in Armour Piercing. This means that receiving Armour I, II and III on a Titan can actually be beneficial, depending on your opponent and how much Armour Piercing they have.

With this in mind, we’re looking at introducing new stats that could act as counters – for example, Critical Dodge and Elemental Piercing may be introduced. This is still under design discussion, but we’d love to hear your feedback, thoughts and ideas around this.

Soon, we’ll also be making some balance changes to the game which aim to improve AI and troop balancing across a number of units. We’ll follow up with a detailed blog outlining these changes when they go live.

As always, thanks for all your support and dedication – see you on the battlefield.