11 May 2018

Land Anchoring Update

Greetings Titans!

As part of our efforts to bring back The Throne War to Dawn of Titans, we are re-introducing the Anchoring system in the latest game update. This update is currently rolling out, and over the coming days we anticipate it being available to all players.

The Anchoring system will initially be disabled for players until we complete internal testing and stability checks. However, players will be able to see an inactive ‘Anchor’ option on their lands.

We will be enabling the Anchoring system in the coming weeks for Gold and Food lands. Depending on how the system performs and player feedback, we will be able to take a decision on it’s continuity.

We will provide more information on the Anchoring system, as well as provide more insight on our plans regarding The Throne War in the coming weeks.

Team Dawn of Titans