29 May 2018

New event rewards!

This week, as part of the upcoming FIRE KING Event, we are making some exciting additions to Event rewards.

Firstly, we’d like to introduce a brand new type of Relic to the game: Titan XP Relics. These limited durability Relics significantly boost the Titan XP earned in Battles, speeding up the leveling process for your Titans. They come in a variety of Rarities, and the rarer they are, the better the boost!

You can get a taste of the lower rarity XP Relics right now in THEATERS OF WAR, and later this week the 3* and 4* variants in THE FIRE KING Event.

THEATERS OF WAR is a short-term Event where we mix it up in the Arenas in the center of your Kingdom. The refresh timers are shortened to 6 hours, the battles changed up, and the battle drops have a whole range of special items added to them. The tougher the Arena, the better the rewards! We’ve even added some Boost Relics for THE FIRE KING Event to them this time!

We’re also reintroducing a valuable resource absent too long from Dawn of Titans: Divine Gems. These made their first appearance last year, but only to a limited number of players. As of this Thursday, we will be making the Divine Altar available to all players across Dawn of Titans.

In THE FIRE KING Event, alliances will be able to compete for Divine Gems, which can be used for Exclusive rewards. These include Titans and Legendary Relics. Legendary Relics are potent class-specific 5* relics that dominate the battlefield as well as visually altering your Titan’s weapon. As for the exclusive Titans: Auria is a swift Elithen Infiltrator with increased move speed, whilst Urkon is a stalwart Ragnar Guardian with increased elemental resists.

To spend your Divine Gems, head to the Divine Shop. Here’s a look at what you can purchase:

500 Divine Gems – Chance for a Legendary 5* Relic, or else a random Titan XP Relic
5000 Divine Gems – Guaranteed Legendary 5* Relic
10000 Divine Gems – Guaranteed 4* Titan (with a chance for exclusive Divine Titans Auria and Urkon)

We hope you are as excited as we are about these additions to Event rewards, and will join us on the battlefield this Thursday for THE FIRE KING Event!