07 Jun 2018

Anchoring Returns!

Greetings Titans!

Land Anchoring is making its return to Dawn Of Titans! The Anchoring system was initially disabled for players to allow us time to ensure the feature is stable for everyone. This feature anchors any Gold or Food generating land to you (note: VP generating lands cannot be anchored), allowing you to protect the land from being captured. To anchor, simply select the land you’d like to protect (note: the land must already be defended) and choose the ‘Anchor’ option.

Whilst there is a build time associated with anchoring, it takes effect immediately. Keep in mind that an anchored land can still be raided, so your defending army is still important.

This feature will be rolled out shortly to all players. We’ll be monitoring the use of Anchoring carefully along with your feedback, and we’ll use that information to decide how we progress with this feature. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

We’ll see you on the battlefield.