25 Jul 2018

The Throne War Beta

We’re excited to announce the Throne War Beta will be arriving in early August for players in the Legend League.

What’s The Throne War?

The War between the five Ancient Gods raged on for thousands of years. God against God, wreaking havoc upon our realm; these beings were powerful and their essence had to be captured. Finally banished, their power was sealed within the Divine Thrones.

Now the power of the Ancient Gods has returned. The Divine Thrones are rising. Seize them, and that power shall be your own.

Read our ‘How It Works’ blog for a detailed explanation of how The Throne War works.

Why are you running a Beta?

We’ve spent a lot of time testing and fine tuning The Throne War experience over the past several months – we’re committed to delivering a stable and fun experience for players, and we think we’re in a great place to get the event in the hands of our players now.

Much like our approach to slowly rolling out updates and features, we’re kicking off our Throne War Beta by involving Legend League players only. Throughout the Beta we’ll be monitoring very closely to make sure any issues are tracked and fixed as quickly as possible.

How do I take part?

Simply make sure your Alliance is in the Legend League when the Beta begins, and you’ll be automatically enrolled.

When is the Beta starting?

The Beta will take place in early August. We’ll be announcing exact timings closer to the event starting, so keep an eye on our social channels in the coming days.

When will The Throne War fully launch?

We don’t have a set date yet – once the Beta has been completed we’ll be in a better position to share more specific time frames, so stay tuned.

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