08 Aug 2018

Throne War Beta Update

Greetings Titans!

First, we wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who’s taken part in The Throne War Beta so far. We’ve already made some really useful observations that’ll ultimately help to make The Throne War an awesome experience.

After going live yesterday, the team have been hard at work monitoring in-game activity and your feedback closely. Here are the top issues you’ve reported, along with how we’re going to address them:

Restarts & Errors
Restarts/server errors when trying to send lands. This morning we rolled out a fix which should start to reduce the errors and restarts you experience when trying to commit lands. We’ll continue to monitor this closely – again thanks for your feedback reports and your patience!

It’s difficult to send lands
It’s hard to commit lands as the Thrones are always full. To help with this, we’ll be temporarily increasing the amount of damage lands take when they’re attacked. This will help reach a more balanced state of play sooner, meaning a more enjoyable experience for all players for the remainder of the event. We’ve gathered lots of really useful data around this particular area of The Throne war, which will allow us to better balance The Throne War for future iterations.

To help with the coming battles, all eligible Legend League players will receive a free gift containing 5 Throne Tokens and 100 Portal Stones!

Once again, thank you for your help so far. We’ll be sharing a survey shortly after the event ends to gather your feedback, but in the mean-time please keep discussing your experiences and we’ll keep reading.