20 Aug 2018

Berserker Relic Changes

Greetings Titans!

Today we’re going to walk through some important changes we’ll be making to the R5 Beserker relic: Shadowdancer.

When combined with specific historic relics, Shadowdancer can make Berserker Titans immune to ranged damage in battle. This isn’t ideal, as it reduces the value and effectiveness of ranged units in battle. So, we’re making the following changes:

The Shadowdancer relic will no longer be available from the Divine Gem altar, and instead will be replaced by a powerful new R5 Berserker Relic: Shadowweaver. This new relic has the following attributes:

+70% resist against Ranged
+44-60% Titan Health
+53-77% Titan Damage

We don’t want to impact on players who’ve worked hard to acquire Shadowdancer, or invested in leveling it up. As such, the above changes will only impact future drops of the R5 Berserker Relic.

There’s still lots more work to be done to improve the way resists work in the game, and we’ll be making more improvements in future. For now though, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on these changes!

See you on the battlefield.