25 Sep 2018

Land Anchoring

Greetings Titans!

We recently reintroduced the Land Anchoring system for Gold & Food lands which allows you to protect your lands from being captured. Over the past few months we’ve collected player feedback, while also monitoring usage data. We’ve also had a chance to study its impact during the recent Throne War Beta event.

The Land Anchoring system has been widely used amongst players across all Leagues. However we’ve also seen it impact the health of the battle game, as well as cause issues when the system interacts with other features in the game. During this time we’ve also had a chance to rethink our original objectives of the Land Anchoring system, which was intended to provide players an additional strategic lever to utilize during Throne Wars.

With the completion of the Throne Wars Beta, work continues on bringing regular Throne Wars events to our players. As part of this effort, we’re making some key changes to how the Land Anchoring system will work going forward:

Land Anchoring by default will be turned off for all players (we expect this change to take place in the next few hours)

The Anchoring system will now activate 24 hours before a Throne Wars event and will be available to players who are eligible to participate in the event

Land Anchoring will last until the end of the Throne Wars event, upon when it will deactivate until the next event

Land will now take twice as long to Anchor

We believe these changes will help improve the overall battle game experience, as well as limit Land Anchoring to its original intent of being a powerful strategic tool for Throne Wars events.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this change. We will be monitoring gameplay changes and continue making improvements in the future.
We’ll see you on the battlefield!

Team Dawn of Titans