25 Sep 2018

Update 1.26 Patch Notes

Greetings Titans!

As we speak, the 1.26 update for Dawn of Titans is rolling out to all players.

The big improvement to the game we’re making with this update is the overhauled Relic Forging system!

With the new Relic Forging system, the concept of failed forges has been eliminated. Along the same lines of Titan Fusion, the Forged Relic will gain XP with each Forge and eventually Level up to enhance its attributes and unlock new ones.

This system is currently inactive and will be switched on in the near future, once more players have the 1.26 update on their devices.

In addition to Relic Forging, we have fixed the following bugs related to combat:

+ Troop Damage from Relics: Was increasing Damage of your Troops significantly less than intended. Should now correctly increase Troop Damage.

+ Damage Boost for Ranger Titans from Relics: Was increasing Damage of your Rangers significantly less than intended. Should now correctly increase Ranger Damage.

+Damage from Grenadier Critical Attacks: The 3X Damage from Critical Attacks was not occuring. Grenadier Critical Attacks should now correctly do 3X Damage.

+Bonus Damage from all Critical Attacks: Critical Attacks by all Troops and Titans, except Unaks, were doing 5X Damage, rather than the intended 3X Damage. Should now correctly deal 3X Damage from Critical Attacks.

+ Damage of a certain Element Type from Relics: This effect was being applied twice to Ranged Troops and Titans, buffing their Damage by twice as much as intended. Should now correctly apply only once.

As always, we will be closely monitoring the balance of the game and the effectiveness of Troops and Titans in combat, and will make further balancing changes, as needed, in the future.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

Team Dawn of Titans