10 Oct 2018

Divine Gem Altar Changes

Greetings Titans!

As a part of our continuous effort to improve Dawn of Titans, we have modified the pool of Items that can be earned from the 500 Divine Gem Altar.

We want the 500 Divine Gem Altar to be a great source of powerful Relics. To that end, the 500 Divine Gem Altar will grant the following types of Relics going forward:

– All the 5* Relics: Dragonslayer, Earthshaker, Shadowweaver, Nightwhisper, Divinetouch, Stormbringer

– Great 4* Relics: The best 4* Relics in the game such as Valorn’s Helm, Nature’s Call, Greek Relics (not including Relics that buff Summoned Units only), Norse Relics, Runes, Banners, Orbs and many more.

– Great 3* Relics: The best 3* Relics in the game such as Flame Arc, Frost Shield, Storm Maiden Relics, Norse Relics, Greek Relics and many more.

– 3* and 4* XP Relics: The new Hero’s Soul and Titan’s Soul Relics which, in addition to increased Titan XP, also provide Troop buffs in battle.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this change. We will be monitoring gameplay changes and continue making improvements in the future.

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

Team Dawn of Titans