14 Jan 2019

10K Divine Altar Changes: Chernobog & Belobog

Greeting Titans!

As part of our efforts to ensure that unique and valuable rewards are always available in the Divine Shrine,  we have introduced two NEW and EPIC Titans from Slavic mythology: Chernobog and Belobog, to the 10000 Divine Gem altar. These two new Titans will replace our previous exclusives – Auria and Urkon. Both Auria and Urkon will be available through our regular events and promotions in the future.


“A God of Darkness, Chernobog draws his power from the Moon, unleashing its energy as Ice.”

Chernobog, the Slavic Black God, rises as a Guardian in Dawn of Titans. His first 3 Skills provide Tier II Resist to a specific element for Elithen Imperials and his last 2 Skills provide Offensive X Skill buffs to Storm Maidens.


“A God of Light, Belobog draws his power from the Sun, unleashing its energy as flame.”

Belobog, the Slavic God of Light and Sun, joins the battle as a Paladin in Dawn of Titans. His 1st and 4th Skills provide Defensive Tier II and III buffs to himself. His 2nd and 3th Skills are Dual Elemental Resistance Skills, with Fire and Lightning guaranteed respectively. Finally, his 5th Skill is a Defensive Titan X Skill that provides incredible buffs to his Health or Armor.

We hope you enjoy battling with these two EPIC Titans. We look forward to your feedback on these changes!

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

Team Dawn of Titans